Dash for macOS and VS Code Integration

What is Dash?

Dash is an application that allows you to search documentation for various languages, while online or offline, and has a code snippet feature that is extremely useful. You can also download and view cheat sheets for various programs. I want to show you some features that I have found to be useful. Take a look at their website for a comprehensive list of features and language support.

The first cool thing about Dash is that you can lookup method names and get the documentation without needing to open your browser and search Google. Besides saving time in general, you can also download the documentation to your computer so you can search while disconnected from the internet.

Combining Dash with VS Code is where things really become convenient. You can hover over any method in your code and automatically query Dash by hitting Control + H.

Auto search using VS Code Dash extension

The last feature that I find that is really awesome is snippets. You can create snippets, which are, as the name suggests, snippets of code. I think that they work best for code that you find yourself typing repetitively, such as binding.pry or require ‘pry’. In the example below, I can input a binding.pry by simply typing b*.

Auto populate code from a Dash snippet

Thanks and credit to my cohort lead, Dakota Martinez, for introducing this tool to me.

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