Huntress – My Sinatra Project

I am just starting my Sinatra project and decided to make something useful that I think I will maintain and use in the future. My project is called Huntress and is going to be a job application tracking system. I would say I am maybe like 40% done or so. I have quite a bit of functionality left to do and will be implementing Bootstrap for the front end.

The application will allow you to register an account and track jobs that you are interested in. Users will be able to add notes for each job, update the application status and archive old jobs. New job’s that you want displayed on your dashboard can be hand typed or imported from Indeed. I am starting to add functionality to auto-create based on an Indeed job listing URL, but will probably add more popular job boards before the project is done.

The Sinatra portion of the curriculum has been really fun and it is cool to finally be able to build what I want. I don’t know how to do everything, but do have the base knowledge and understanding to learn things as I need them. I will be sure to post again once the project is done, but until then, here are some mockups that I created.

Active jobs on the dashboard
Archived jobs
Adding a new job to the dashboard

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