Ruby on Rails – Forms

I have been learning Ruby on Rails for about two weeks and so far I really enjoyed learning Sinatra more. Rails is so massive and magical. It is almost too magical and does everything it can for you. The “magic” makes understanding what is going on at a low level difficult. In Sinatra, it is left to you to do everything and there is very little “magic”. I think the more I learn about Rails, it will grow on me. Or at least, I am hoping that it will.

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Today I finished my Sinatra project. You can check it out at It was actually really fun to build and I did not run into any major complications or significant challenges. The most challenging was the front-end design and learning to use Bootstrap. The deployment to Heroku was initially challenging, but I was able to find good information to assist me. My website is not mobile-friendly yet, and that is probably where I will focus most of my future efforts.

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