Huntress Screenshot – Sinatra Project

Today I finished my Sinatra project. You can check it out at It was actually really fun to build and I did not run into any major complications or significant challenges. The most challenging was the front-end design and learning to use Bootstrap. The deployment to Heroku was initially challenging, but I was able to find good information to assist me. My website is not mobile-friendly yet, and that is probably where I will focus most of my future efforts.

Huntress lets you import job details directly from an Indeed posting URL. In the future I plan to expand the import capability to other large job boards such as Monster, CareerBuilder and Dice. Overall I did a lot of Googling during this project and am very appreciative of StackOverflow. I think the mockups really assisted me to design the interface. The end project is a bit different, but when I compare the website to the mockups it is actually very close.

I am ready to start learning and working more with front end tools such as Javascript and jQuery. I think the project could be way more smooth and professional by manipulating the DOM and using event listeners.

Dashboard view in production environment
Project overview

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