Things I Don’t Know

The featured image is a visual representation how my brain feels right now. So… instead of a normal blog post, I want to list the things that I don’t know and want to learn about in 2019. I’d like to look back in a year and see how much I accomplished.

  • Containers – Docker and Kubernetes. Why use them? Heroku is so easy and fast to setup. I have a Udemy course waiting for me to complete on this topic. This is more DevOps, but it is still useful for portfolio and side projects.
  • NoSQL Databases – MongoDB or maybe Firebase? Probably Mongo.
  • Node.js and Express – Seems to be more relevant or popular than Ruby on Rails right now. Express is supposed to be blazingly fast. I am not a huge fan of RoR anyways, and continuing to learn JavaScript sounds like a good idea.
  • Data Structures, Algorithms and Time Complexity – This should probably be at the top of this list. I have a general understanding, but need to actual deep dive into these topics and implement my own algorithms and data structures.
  • Functional Programming – Maybe learn this with JS since it can be used as OOP or FP? JS seems so useful for so many different things.
  • Integrate programming with hardware – The Arduino and Raspberry Pi seem really cool and useful. I haven’t ever used either one. Again, I am pretty sure I can use JS. I know I can with the Arduino, but I am not sure about the Raspberry Pi.

This is probably enough for now, possibly too much. I still have to actually focus on finding a job after graduation and developing my portfolio.

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