React with Rails – Testing, Deployment and Continuous Integration

Let’s walk through setting up React with Rails. Not just any React/Rails project, however. We will use RSpec testing for test-driven development, deploy our application to Heroku and use a continuous integration/delivery service provided by Travis CI.

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Graduated Flatiron. What’s next?

I passed my final project review yesterday evening and with that became a graduate of Flatiron School’s Software Engineering program. I am glad the bootcamp journey is complete and I am excited to have successfully completed it without issue. There is still so much I need to learn, so there isn’t really any time for rest.

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Reddit Browser – React/Redux Project

My final project as a student in Flatiron School is called Reddit Browser. This web application allows users to query Reddit by keyword and get results from Reddit posts that contained images. Users can pin individual posts to the home page, and other users can vote, much like they would for a post on Reddit.

A pinned post on the front page
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