Weather App & Update

The latest app that I have created is a simple forecast app written in Javascript. I used the Node runtime with the Express framework. It uses the Mapbox API to convert a user’s search location into coordinates and then uses those coordinates to query Darksky’s API for the forecast.

I have been participating in a number of technical interviews for potential employers, so this latest app is a bit simple as I haven’t been focused on growing my portfolio. I am planning on building something large soon and plan to continue developing and adding features to it. I haven’t decided what I want to build yet, but hopefully it will be something unique and useful. I might re-create Huntress (associated blog post) and really expand upon it.

The technical interviews have gone well so far. I still have a lot of core CS fundamentals to learn but I feel really comfortable in Javascript and doing coding challenges. I feel like my problem solving and ability to communicate while coding has improved a lot.

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