The Post Graduation Struggle and My Thoughts on Node.js/Express.js

I am a bit more stressed now than I was while I was a Flatiron student. Until very recently I struggled with what direction to take to continue growing as a developer. Since I can’t begin a new career until September, I have quite a bit of time to continue learning. After graduation I found out that there are so many (maybe too many) different avenues available to continue learning and developing yourself. Come to find out this is called The Paradox of Choice, which often leads to making no choice at all.

For a bit I dabbled into statically typed languages (C#, Java) and realized that I probably would never actually use ASP.NET or Spring unless I am employed to do it professionally. Why focus on Java when I could be building web apps with the languages I do know? I can certainly learn other frameworks if I need to. Should I just focus on Rails? What about React? Err, React is entirely front-end and I need to also focus on the back-end, which come to find out is actually my preference. Not to mention React is simply overkill for many personal projects. So I decided to set Rails and React aside for now and focus on something different that aligns with my immediate goals.

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