Reddit Browser – React/Redux Project

My final project as a student in Flatiron School is called Reddit Browser. This web application allows users to query Reddit by keyword and get results from Reddit posts that contained images. Users can pin individual posts to the home page, and other users can vote, much like they would for a post on Reddit.

A pinned post on the front page
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Code With Others – Rails Project

This week I finished developing the back end for my Ruby on Rails project. The project is called Code With Others and allows users to create and/or join groups to develop applications with one another. My goal is for the project to assist others to develop portfolio projects while working as part of a team.

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Ruby on Rails – Forms

I have been learning Ruby on Rails for about two weeks and so far I really enjoyed learning Sinatra more. Rails is so massive and magical. It is almost too magical and does everything it can for you. The “magic” makes understanding what is going on at a low level difficult. In Sinatra, it is left to you to do everything and there is very little “magic”. I think the more I learn about Rails, it will grow on me. Or at least, I am hoping that it will.

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Today I finished my Sinatra project. You can check it out at It was actually really fun to build and I did not run into any major complications or significant challenges. The most challenging was the front-end design and learning to use Bootstrap. The deployment to Heroku was initially challenging, but I was able to find good information to assist me. My website is not mobile-friendly yet, and that is probably where I will focus most of my future efforts.

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Huntress – My Sinatra Project

I am just starting my Sinatra project and decided to make something useful that I think I will maintain and use in the future. My project is called Huntress and is going to be a job application tracking system. I would say I am maybe like 40% done or so. I have quite a bit of functionality left to do and will be implementing Bootstrap for the front end.

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Switching from Part-Time to Full-Time at Flatiron

Back in October, I started out in a part-time cohort in the Software Engineering program. The rate that new coursework was released felt a little too slow paced for the amount of time I was investing. I have been very bad about tracking the exact amount of time I spend working. I would estimate it to be around 35 hours per week (5-6 hours after work, at least 5 hours on weekends). The time invested felt like overkill to keep pace with the part-time class, and I found myself wandering down rabbit holes looking for more topics to learn about.

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Day 24 of Flatiron’s Software Engineering Bootcamp

A lot of material has been introduced since I last wrote a post on day 9. My cohort and I are currently knee deep in Object Oriented Ruby. This week I hit my first wall and am still struggling to completely wrap my head around the concept of object relationships. I think my main frustration is that I feel it is hard to visualize exactly what is going on as more objects have relationships with one another. One of the tougher topics to fully grasp and understand for me has been the has-many-through relationship.

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Day 9 of Flatiron’s Software Engineering Bootcamp

Last week I was able to take advantage of my free time and attend a lot of real-time classes. I feel the classes helped me to really cement my understanding of common Ruby class methods, such as collect and select, and introduced more topics. I want to write about something that I learned, that was not covered in the lab material.

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