– Sinatra Project

Today I finished my Sinatra project. You can check it out at It was actually really fun to build and I did not run into any major complications or significant challenges. The most challenging was the front-end design and learning to use Bootstrap. The deployment to Heroku was initially challenging, but I was able to find good information to assist me. My website is not mobile-friendly yet, and that is probably where I will focus most of my future efforts.

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Huntress – My Sinatra Project

I am just starting my Sinatra project and decided to make something useful that I think I will maintain and use in the future. My project is called Huntress and is going to be a job application tracking system. I would say I am maybe like 40% done or so. I have quite a bit of functionality left to do and will be implementing Bootstrap for the front end.

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Switching from Part-Time to Full-Time at Flatiron

Back in October, I started out in a part-time cohort in the Software Engineering program. The rate that new coursework was released felt a little too slow paced for the amount of time I was investing. I have been very bad about tracking the exact amount of time I spend working. I would estimate it to be around 35 hours per week (5-6 hours after work, at least 5 hours on weekends). The time invested felt like overkill to keep pace with the part-time class, and I found myself wandering down rabbit holes looking for more topics to learn about.

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